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Cohort 4


cohort 4

EV Infrastructure - Water

Food Security - Grid Tech - Smart Cities

Joules Accelerator is pleased to announce the fourth cohort of the catalyst program. The eight cleantech companies in cohort four are solving some of the biggest problems facing our planet. working together with duke energy, the city of charlotte, and the research triangle cleantech cluster, cohort 4 is poised to make a big impact on the sustainability of charlotte, raleigh, and the surrounding region.

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Weave Grid

San Francisco, CA - Weave Grid is dedicated to enabling large-scale electrification of transportation through direct & efficient system integration.  Weave Grid takes a unique, collaborative, and holistic approach to solving grid challenges & making effective use of available resources.

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Amply power

San Francisco, CA - AMPLY removes the risk of time-of-use and demand-charge driven pricing variance, to provide a known, consistent cost for electric fuel-as-a-service, by using our breadth of knowledge, access to electricity markets, and real-time energy-flow management technology that keeps your fleet charged at the best cost.

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Pittsburgh, PA - RoadBotics is an infrastructure technology company that uses AI to revolutionize how governments and engineering firms make data-driven pavement management decisions. RoadBotics provides governments, engineering firms, and private industries with affordable and objective road condition assessments. The information provided by RoadBotics helps customers make data-driven decisions about their road maintenance and paving activities.

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Atlanta, GA - Goodr’s business model proves that good business and servicing communities in need can truly be one and the same. Powered by blockchain technology, Goodr provides a secure ledger that tracks an organization’s surplus food waste from pickup to donation, delivering the competitive advantage of real-time social impact reporting analytics. Goodr is the only food waste management company that is in compliance with the IRS through their blockchain-enabled platform and mobile app that empowers organizations to unlock significant tax deductions through donations.

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Switched Source

Chicago, IL - Switched Source’s Tie Controller provides a retrofit solution for legacy infrastructure to be able to accept and fully utilize distributed energy resources. In domestic or foreign microgrid applications, the Tie Controller is an enabling tool for “plug and play” interconnectivity of assets and agile system management in a wide range of environments.

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ardent edge

Ardent Edge technology is a chemistry agnostic, cutting edge approach to battery system design. By using low-cost, ubiquitous off-the-shelf components, this technology raises the bar for energy storage platforms.

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Varuna iot

Austin, TX - The Varuna platform collects, analyzes, and displays relevant operational and business data. The platform enables the utility to perform real-time water quality monitoring using advanced sensors, predict quality issues using machine learning, determine their resource needs and generate up-to-date mandated reports with a few clicks.

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Infinite Cooling

Cambridge, MA - Infinite Cooling is an award-winning startup and their mission is simple: to mitigate water scarcity around the world. Infinite Cooling helps power plants and other industrial processes dramatically reduce their water consumption and water treatment costs by recovering water from their cooling tower exhausts. They have a patent-pending technology developed at MIT that uses electric fields to capture water from the plumes leaving cooling towers.