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Cohort 5


cohort 5

Grid Tech - Workforce Enhancement - Building Efficiency - Transportation

Joules Accelerator is pleased to announce the Fifth cohort of the catalyst program. The seven cleantech companies in cohort five are solving some of the biggest problems facing our planet. working together with duke energy, the city of charlotte, and the research triangle cleantech cluster, cohort 5 is poised to make a big impact on the sustainability of charlotte, raleigh, and the surrounding region.



Brisbane, Australia - Aurtra keeps transformer assets healthy with an IoT-enabled sensor and cloud-based, real-time monitoring – sharing insights about load conditions on grid health.



Raleigh, NC - Breezi keeps HVAC systems healthy with its IoT-enabled Air-Pulse; “a fitness tracker for HVAC equipment’. Analytics allow users to save energy, avoid repairs, and extend HVAC life.

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Building Clarity

Morrisville, NC - Building Clarity is a consultative, IoT-enabled engineering firm that helps clients transform their energy and HVAC environments for savings, efficiency, and resiliency. 



San Diego, CA - Circuit is a local, on-demand, all-electric shuttle services company focused on first/last mile gaps. The service is free to ride and funded by cities, private developers, and advertisers.

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Power Lines Pro

Sydney, Australia - Power Lines Pro enables utilities to optimize existing infrastructure assets and prioritize future investment by creating a “digital twin” model of the utility network. 



Sunnyvale, CA - Tacit enables capturing, preserving, and scaling tacit knowledge for industries where front-line employees are leaving the workforce.



Los Angeles, CA - Xtelligent provides traffic management technology for cities, improving road network performance by over 50% while also providing vehicle-to-infrastructure capabilities.