Joules Accelerator
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Example Schedule

Each Catalyst Program cycle lasts approximately 90 days from start to close. Below is an example of events and dates. 

example schedule

The aim of the Joules Accelerator program is to get startups into contact with decision makers at some of the largest utilities in the nation as quickly as possible. 

The Catalyst Program generally lasts between 70 and 90 days. This schedule is book-ended by two, three-day in person events. While a lot of business development can be done remotely via phone or email, there is no substitute for in person interactions. 

While the Joules Accelerator limits the event series to 90 days, the Joules team will remain in contact moving forward and will continue to advocate on behalf of cohort startups. 


Catalyst Program

March 15 - April 20: Application process open.

April 21: Six startups selected for participation are contacted. Flights and hotels are arranged.

May 1: Teams fly to Atlanta and are introduced to one another. That evening, the six startups present their companies and products to the Atlanta entrepreneurship community.

May 2: Startups meet with Southern Company representatives in a one-on-one setting. Following morning meetings, the startups travel to Charlotte, where they will present their companies and products to the Charlotte entrepreneurship community. 

May 3: Startups meet for breakfast and head over to the Duke Energy headquarters to have one-on-one meetings with decision makers. Startups fly home later that afternoon. 

May 15: Duke Energy and Southern Company lead a webinar which covers in detail innovation at the utilities, and rate making. 

July 1: Prior cohort companies who have had success lead a webinar discussion which discusses strategies and best practices for working as a startup with a utility or other large corporation. Q&A following.

August 1: Teams once again fly to Atlanta.

August 2: Startups meet with Southern Company executives and management to discuss their journey, and to again have the opportunity to socialize their products and services with the utility. Startups then travel to Charlotte that afternoon.

August 3: Teams meet for breakfast and have an innovation discussion with energy innovation and policy thought leaders. Following the discussion, startups present their journey to a gathering of Duke Energy executives and managers. Teams fly home that afternoon.

August 4 and beyond: While no longer required to participate in Joules Accelerator events or programs, Joules will from time to time get in touch to see how things are going. In addition, Joules will always promote cohort companies, past and present, to outside partners. Once a startup joins Joules, it will receive business development support in perpetuity.