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Cohort 12 Startup Feature: Moduly

by Winter Wilson | August 14, 2023

Entrepreneurship takes a special kind of person. One focused on continual personal growth and a passion for learning new things. Taking the leap to start one company is difficult, to say the least. But Jonathan Lamer, CEO and Co-Founder of Moduly? He’s on startup number five.

“I think it’s self improvement,” said Jonathan. “If you want to be an entrepreneur, you always find yourself outside of your comfort zone. You never stop learning”

Jonathan’s intellectual curiosity led him to start questioning how he might make an impact on climate change by reducing CO2 emissions and improving energy efficiency. These questions were the catalyst to his current startup, Moduly, which was recently selected by Joules Accelerator to join their newest Cohort 12. You can learn more about the rest of the cohort at

According to their pitch deck, Moduly "offers an innovative Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) platform for residential and commercial users." Their product centralizes "energy consumption, production, and storage into one ecosystem by integrating smart thermostats, electric vehicle chargers, solar panels, and a unique storage solution." In the utility context, Moduly serves as a "virtual power plant" that can help to balance the grid in a "cleaner, reliable, and cost-effective manner." You can learn more about Moduly through their website at

“I think what we want to do is to make Moduly the swiss knife of energy efficiency,” said Jonathan. “To have one technology you can modify to reach whatever you are looking for.”

The team’s vision has been to find a way to better serve customers with transparency. And design a technology that can fit all their needs in one place. Their goal? To become the number one reference for users when people think about energy efficiency at home. Their current needs focus on expanding partnerships, exploring new markets and opening avenues for investment that will help them scale. Being part of Joules Accelerator was one step the team saw in achieving these ambitions.

“The way Joules works was aligned with our values and where we’re at with our stage for scale up,” said Jonathan. “So we found the program as a way to be more ready for what’s coming, to help us scale.”

Jonathan and his team are now exploring new markets and looking for the right partners and customers. If you are interested in working, collaborating or investing in Moduly, you can reach Jonathan and the team by visiting their website at

View the complete list of Cohort 12 members by visiting

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