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Intern Reflection: Harriet Middleton

s I wrap up the Electrification Conference as an intern with @JoulesAccelerator I have learned much from my peers and the cohort organizations in clean-tech. These are three takeaways.

The first is that clean energy and electrification are vital in our world. To see effective change, it will take all the efforts of those passionate about the issue to educate others about the costs and rewards of these solutions. In my opinion, education is something that gets overlooked in our society. Education is not solely present in schools and universities, it is everywhere. By educating others about what they can do to make a change in the energy world, we are one step closer to a more sustainable electric future.

My second takeaway is that people in the energy workforce are working hard to raise awareness! There were many organizations from all over the world that came together at the Electrification 2022 in order to spark conversation and connections. There were many organizations that connected even though they had different specializations in cleantech energy.

Finally, I was reminded during this conference about the importance of asking questions. Curiosity is the root of change. And without asking questions you may never know about a moment when you could have provided change. Feeling comfortable with not knowing all the answers is something we are all learning a bit more about each day, and questions are based on these moments of feeling comfortable with the unknown. It is okay not to know everything about EV charging, hydrogen, EV motors, solar panel roofing, and much more because there will always be someone who is passionate about those topics and is happy to educate you on it all.

Thank you to all the sponsors and hosts for the EPRI Electrification Event 2022!

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