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Kumar R Chandran, S&C Electric Company, Joins Joules Board

Updated: May 23, 2023

Joules Accelerator | May 5, 2023

Joules Accelerator is pleased to announce that Kumar R Chandran, Commercial Strategy Senior Director of S&C Electric Company, has joined the Joules Board of Directors, continuing nearly two years of engagement between organizations championing climate technology in the Carolinas.

"The energy landscape is changing rapidly, with increasingly intense storms and the transition to clean energy adding complexity to our electrical grid,” Kumar said. “To succeed in this dynamic environment, we must focus on innovation and building strong partnerships that best serve customers. Although S&C is over a century old, we operate like a startup – meaning that innovation is at the core of everything we do. As we innovate reliable and resilient solutions to navigate the energy transition, we are also excited to work with Joules Accelerator to develop a strong and strategic partnership ecosystem that adds value to our customers."

A key feature of the Joules Accelerator program is identifying startups solving big problems in energy and climate, and strategically pairing them with corporate, industrial, and utility stakeholders. As we continue to accelerate progress in the “electrification of everything”, grid reliability is a critical piece of the puzzle. S&C’s expertise in designing and deploying grid infrastructure, combined with a focus on innovation and engagement is a big win for Joules startups.

Kumar joins as Mark Stavnes, Vice President of Special Projects at S&C, hands over the role. The Joules Accelerator team extends their gratitude to Mark for his years of service to the Joules community.

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