Joules Accelerator
Identify - Advise - Connect

The Process

The Joules Accelerator works with some of the largest energy companies in the North America to catalyze business development opportunities for exceptional energy entrepreneurs. 


The Process

The Joules Accelerator Catalyst Program identifies, advises, and connects high potential cleantech startups with industry leading utilities, and their partners. Since its founding in 2013, the Joules Accelerator has evolved and grown from a purely Charlotte focused incubator, to become the southeast's preeminent energy accelerator with global reach.

The Joules Accelerator Catalyst Program lasts 90-days, and is focused on providing high-value connections for startups so that they can quickly identify business development opportunities with Duke Energy and Southern Company. 

Joules does not take equity in startups, and does not charge for the application or participation in the program. Companies selected to participate in the Joules Accelerator Catalyst Program have all expenses covered during the two events. This should be easy, fun, and valuable for the startups and utilities.


do you qualify?

The Joules Accelerator looks for companies that broadly fit into the following categories;

  • Post-revenue, pre-Series A
  • Working product that addresses some need of one or more of our corporate partners
  • Ability to travel to Atlanta and Charlotte to hold key meetings at the beginning and end of the 90-day process

The Application& Selection

The one-page Joules Accelerator application process is designed to take as little time as possible for the entrepreneur to complete, while providing the Joules team with key information that will help it quickly make a go or no-go decision.

Generally, the application window is open for approximately 60 days. During this period of



90 Day Program

Each Joules Catalyst Program cohort spends approximately 90 days working directly with Joules. This means joining Joules in Atlanta and Charlotte once at the beginning of the program, and again at the end. In between, there are occasional webinars which help startups better understand the process of working with and selling to utilities and their partners. Following the 90 day program, the Joules Accelerator will stay in touch with companies, and provide assistance whenever and wherever possible. 

A "win" for Joules is when a cohort company gets a pilot or some other working agreement with a utility. For Cohort 2, five out of six companies received a pilot with one or both of the utilities. The sixth company is in talks with the utilities to move forward with a possible pilot.


What do Startups Get out of the Catalyst Program?

When a startup joins the Joules Accelerator, it gets immediate and focused access to the relevant decision makers at Duke Energy and Southern Company. This means that Joules will curate one-on-one meetings with the individuals within these organizations that will understand your product, and work to decide whether or not there is an opportunity to move forward. Moving forward could mean a pilot project, internal stress testing, or a deal. 

Joules Accelerator can not guarantee every startup which joins the Catalyst Program will receive a deal with members of the Joules network. Whether or not a utility or other partner moves forward with a startup depends on a number of variables which are outside of the control of the Joules.

In addition to promoting cohort startups with Duke Energy and Southern Company, Joules works to promote all cohort companies with all members of the network.