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Since 2013, Joules Accelerator has attracted talented startups from around the world to Charlotte and Raleigh to promote innovative climate and energy solutions. 

Joules Accelerator works to identify, advise, and deploy early-stage climate startups while connecting them with the energy network of the Southeast and beyond. Joules moves quickly to make warm connections to relevant network stakeholders across the region and to find revenue-generating pilots and other commercialization opportunities for member startups.

Joules presents twelve startups through two cohorts per year. Each cohort lasts 90 days and requires 2-4 hours per month for meeting with potential customers. The program is free for startups, free to apply, and does not take equity.

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Our Story

Startup pitches at EPRI Electrification pre-game event, Startup Showcase.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Driving Southeast climate tech entrepreneurship and decarbonization through partnerships and commercialized pilot projects. 

“Joules Accelerator stands at the intersection of partners and innovation, as an impartial and focused third-party to improve adoption of early stage net zero innovation through commercialization. By sharing innovation best practices and pilot project outcomes and working with a committed network of like-minded corporate partners, our region is poised to become a net zero innovation powerhouse.”

- Brian Savoy, EVP, CFO & CSO of Duke Energy

Core Values

Connecting & Listening 

We believe that entrepreneurship & innovation is a critical pathway to decarbonizing the Carolinas. We make this happen by working with startups to understand, invest in and deploy climate technology. We strive to build connections within our communities, listen to the the needs of residents and bring climate tech to those who need it the most. At Joules Accelerator, we field every message and phone call that comes our way, and you can count on us to back up our promises with demonstrated success.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our program is fundamentally about opening doors to professional networks for  entrepreneurs who may not have access otherwise. We work to catalyze the transformation needed so that climate tech better reflects the diversity & creativity of our world. Our team will champion continual improvement in our journey of supporting underrepresented founders & communities. Joules impact metrics speak for themselves.

Transparency & Integrity

We strive toward transparency and integrity in the work we do. Our team understands that real impact comes from holding ourselves accountable to continual improvement in our projects and programs. For our startups, we give every applicant a 30-minute feedback meetings to let them know how they can be more competitive. We focus on building connections and engaging clearly and honestly. We know our priorities are always people-first.

Success Stories

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