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The Joules Internship Program

Are you interested in summer internship opportunities? Joules provides interns with a 10-week-long summer program in the areas of Business Development, Marketing, Strategy and more. Interns are inspired to tackle projects that they are most passionate about while contributing to the broader Joules community. Interns are paid through matching contributions from Joules & the partner university.

The 10-Week Internship Overview


Once you are accepted into our internship program, your first week will focus on onboarding and getting familiar with our portfolio of startups and current projects/priorities. We will pair you with a Joules team advisor.


Starting the second week, you will work with your Joules advisor to co-create a work overview and priority projects to guide your work through the next 8 weeks. We want interns to identify projects that they are most passionate about.

WEEK 3-9

The majority of the internship will revolve around the day-to-day Joules Accelerator work, your specific project, and your own learning & professional development. Your advisor will work to provide quality feedback and check-in opportunities. 


As you wrap up your internship at Joules, there may be opportunities for a full-time role or internship extension. We ask our interns to prepare a short presentation on the work that they have done over the course of their time at Joules.

About our Internship Program

This is not a "grab me a coffee" type internship.  Interns tackle sourcing startups, researching new industries and managing teams. Our mentorship and advisor role is to provide direct feedback and support each individual's skills and knowledge development.

Our interns often receive job offers from our portfolio startups. Through strategic meetings and in-person conferences, we seek to connect our interns to other important players in the world of climate tech. We want to see our interns set up for future success in the sector.

Our goal is to provide meaningful work assignments, and support individual areas of interest. We see value in our interns gaining real-world experiences, providing opportunities to dive deep into the world of climate tech and startups.

We put interns in the position to see the outcome and impact of their work. Interns tend to be passionate about making change in the climate space, and seek opportunities that are mission-aligned and impact-driven.


"My internship with Joules Accelerator not only allowed me to grow as a leader, but also become immersed first hand in the climate tech industry. Without Joules, I wouldn't have discovered that I wanted to continue pursuing a career in clean energy in the future."

Mudit Agrawal, Business Development Intern

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