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Partnerships & Sponsorships

Joules Accelerator would not be the accelerator it is without its broad network of support. We believe strongly in making our sponsorships and partnerships mutually beneficial. Learn more below, or reach out to us through our contact form if you have any more questions or are eager to support us. 

"Our sponsors and advisors help to identify business development opportunities leading to pilot projects, new customers, joint ventures and investors. They open doors and challenge teams in a time efficient manner to accelerate market traction. We welcome corporates who are looking for further ways to engage in the world of climate technology and innovation. We hope you consider becoming part of the Joules network." 

- Bob Irvin, Executive Director


Become Joules board member & support Joules startups by enabling access to talent in your organization and providing financial support.


Provide a 3-year financial commitment, attend quarterly board members and help select, advise and promote Joules startups.


Engage with senior energy and utility leaders, access a pipeline of climate and energy startups, and showcase your company's commitment to climate innovation.


Does this sound like a good fit for your company? Reach out through our contact form. Our team will follow up to set up some time to chat.

Joules Accelerator, paired with its new pilot fund initiative, Joules Camp, provides a unique opportunity for corporate players to engage at the forefront of climate innovation while showcasing their commitment to a more sustainable future.  

Joules Ecosystem

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