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Joules Camp is a project based community outreach program designed to energize North Carolinians about climate tech innovation, while promoting public-private partnerships in pursuit of sustainability goals. 


The program exists at the intersection of startup innovation, visionary entrepreneurs, corporate engagement, student education, and community adoption.

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Image by Timothy Meinberg

About our Internship Program

Joules Camp is designed from the ground up to give startups rapid deployment opportunities through pilot projects funded by corporate partners. The pilots help a North Carolina community solve a real problem.

Each Joules Camp project will feature one startup, a corporate sponsor, a community to host the project, and a student intern to help manage engagement. The stakeholders come together to improve the state of NorthCarolina cleantech.

Joules Camp projects are an opportunity to showcase North Carolina and corporate partners as cleantech innovation leaders. The projects will be featured with articles, videos, and events.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is at the core of the Joules Camp program. 


Download the pitch deck for more program details & sponsorship information.

Leave your email down below and you'll be sent a note with a pdf of our Joules Camp pitch deck and a link for an optional informal chat with a member of the Joules team.

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