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Cohort 12 Startup Feature: ZippiAi

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

by Winter Wilson | Joules Accelerator | October 13, 2023

Upinder Singh's journey into entrepreneurship started at the age 18, when he took his first steps into the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. His deep dive into developing and inventing new products sparked his passion for problem-solving and creative thinking. Yet, he was always looking for a way to create something unique and build a business that could solve real-world problems.

"I chose to embark on the entrepreneurial journey due to my unwavering passion for innovation and my commitment to addressing real-world challenges," Upinder said.

His big idea moment came through a real-world experience -- a crucial machine malfunctioned right before his eyes, grinding an entire production process to a halt. The team started to ask: how might we fix the costly disruptions and inefficiencies caused by these breakdowns? How can we innovate in the field of maintenance and engineering.

This was the catalyst for founding ZippiAi Inc. with his co-founder, Parminder Singh. The venture provides diagnostic software and advanced sensoring to predict the breakdown of industrial equipment and reduce energy waste and emissions by up to 30%. Upinder describes it as a "groundbreaking personal AI assistant for technicians," with the goal of not only streamlining their daily tasks but also offering predictive maintenance capabilities and real-time support for troubleshooting and decision-making. You can read more about the company here.

Since its launch, Upinder said ZippiAi has evolved significantly.

"We've listened closely to technicians in the field and continuously improved our personal AI assistant," said Upinder. "The result is a more intuitive, adaptable, and powerful tool that seamlessly integrates into a technician's workflow, enhancing productivity and efficiency. Our commitment remains steadfast, driven by our vision to transform the technician's role and make their lives easier and more efficient."

Upinder sees a future where ZippiAi becomes synonymous with innovation in the field of maintenance and engineering. A story where, said Upinder, their personal AI assistant for technicians "revolutionizes the way business operate, reducing downtime, optimizing processes, and ultimately saving costs."

The team joined Joules Accelerator because of its alignment with the founders' core values and aspirations. After their first conversation with Executive Director, Bob Irvin, they decided to apply to become part of the program. Upinder believes the biggest areas of need for ZippiAi right now focus on innovation and talent, finding the right individuals to join their team.

Additionally, Upinder said that they are open to partnerships that align with the mission of ZippiAi and the team welcomes the opportunity to explore potential collaboration.

If you or anyone in your network is interested in getting in touch with ZippiAi, you can reach out to ZippiAi at

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